Our Technology

CS 9300 CBCT

CS 9300 CBCT diagnostic tool

CBCT is one of the best diagnostic tools available. A CT scan provides crisp 3D information, greatly improving diagnostic ability. Cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) are a variation of traditional computed tomography (CT) systems. The CBCT systems used by dental professionals rotate around the patient, capturing data using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. Cone beam CT machines use less radiation than typical medical CTs, and our unit uses less radiation than traditional panoramic images. We tailor the size of the image to the patient’s specific circumstances, minimizing exposure. A CT scan improves accuracy, safety, and precision for diagnosis, oral surgeries, root canals, and dental implant procedures.

Endodontic microscope

Endodontic Microscope

Clinical use of an endodontic microscope aids in preserving tooth structure. It magnifies the tooth and allows easier location of the canals. This enables an overall more precise, accurate, quicker, and better root canal treatment.

Piezoelectric Surgical Unit

Piezoelectric Surgical Unit

A piezoelectric surgical handpiece harnesses the vibrational frequency of special ceramics and crystals to create ultrasound vibrations. These vibrations are applied to a thin surgical blade that only cuts hard tissue. These micro vibrations enable a more precise and safer surgical procedure.

Because the Piezo only cuts hard tissue, it ensures that there is no damage to important adjacent structures, such as gums, nerves, sinus membranes, or any soft tissue. The use of this device minimizes surgical trauma, creates less inflammation, and leads to a quicker, more pain-free recovery. It makes surgery quicker, safer, and more precise.

Portable Digital X-ray Units (Nomad and Vatech)

Portable Digital X-Ray Unit - Nomad

Digital x-ray systems use a fraction of the radiation of traditional non-digital systems. Portable x-ray devices also use lower amounts of radiation, and are more comfortable for our patients than traditional units.

Portable Digital X-Ray Unit - Vatech

CS3600 Digital impressions

CS3600 Digital Impression unit

The future of impression taking is fast becoming digital. Our scanner takes hundreds of photographs to digitally recreate an accurate model of patient’s teeth. It is easy, quick, and clean. For most procedures, digital impressions have negated the need for uncomfortable and messy material.